Tired of paying too much for textbooks and not getting enough money when it comes time to sell them back to the bookstore? Join and decide at what price you want to buy and sell your used textbooks.


Brief Overview

The BookExchange offers the service of connecting buyers with sellers. If you're tired of paying too much for textbooks and getting too little for textbook returns, then the BookExchange was designed just for you. The BookExchange lets you set the price you want for your old textbooks and lets you purchase textbooks at the exact price that other students posted them for. You can post as many books as you want for no cost once you’re a member. And becoming a member is totally free as well. In fact, there isn't a feature on the BookExchange that is not free. There are no more fees on the BookExchange, so there is nothing to stop you from giving it a try.

Creating a New Account

The first step in saving tons of money with the BookExchange is to set up a free account. This simple process involves entering your contact information and choosing a username and password. Then, once you read and agree to the terms of service, you’re ready to go! Just make sure to provide the correct information so that your transactions will complete successfully.

Adding Your Books to Sell

One important benefit of the BookExchange is its ability to get you more cash for your books. Indeed you set your own prices! When you go to add a book, you must enter the details necessary for other students to make sure they get precisely what they need. After that you choose the amount at which you will sell your used book. Later you may edit or delete the information about any book if, for example, you decide to get ripped off by the other bookstores by selling to them.

Searching for Books to Buy

The BookExchange allows you to buy used books at reasonable prices. You have several searching options when looking for your textbooks, so use them all to your advantage! Don’t stop until you’ve found your exact book; if you can’t seem to locate it now, definitely check back in a few days. Remember that this whole service hinges on you, the student, and all of your peers making available as many books as possible. Once you have discovered the ultimate deal, double check all of the facts on the book before submitting your request.

Requesting a Book to Buy

When you choose to buy a book on the BookExchange, you are obviously making a wise decision. By entering your password to confirm that you will purchase a textbook according to the terms of agreement, you are on your way to financial textbook freedom! Doing so alerts the seller by email to verify that they do in fact own the book, and unless they never check their email and fail to confirm the request within four days, you are in luck. We do ask that once you make a book request, you wait the four days before going elsewhere to pay more for the book. It's only fair to the seller and to your wallet that you at least wait this long. The seller’s contact info will be sent to you as soon as they finalize the sale.

Finalizing Transactions

After receiving e-mail from the BookExchange regarding a request for one of your books, you must visit the site at your list of books to finalize your sale within four days. Completion of this simple step results in your contact information being sent to the buyer as well as theirs being emailed to you. What an easy and fun way to find a new home for your unwanted books! Now all that’s left is getting in touch with your new friend.

Connecting with the Buyer or Seller

The BookExchange provides the service of linking sellers of books with consumers. When you are given someone’s contact information, it becomes your mission to get in touch with them. Surely the best way to manage the trade would be to meet on campus. Just don’t go anywhere alone, and look both ways before you cross the street, unless you’re at that crosswalk by the dorms where the cars know they have to stop for you.

Rating the Transaction

Rating the transaction is a great way to give feedback to the user whom you just did business with. Once a sale gets finalized, you have the option to rate the user. You rate the user on a scale from A to E, where A is the best and E is the worst. Be fair in your rating, as it will potentially effect other members’ decisions to do business with this person. The other user will not directly know who gave them their ratings.

The Watchlist

If you can't currently find a book on the BookExchange, you may add it to your watchlist. You will be notified via email if someone adds a book on your watchlist. List books to your watchlist based on ISBN or course ID number.

Online storefront powered by eCampus

The BookExchange has established a partnership with eCampus so students may sell and buy books directly from the eCampus inventory. We still encourage students to sell and buy textbooks directly from each other, but if you would rather get immediate cash for your books or purchase your book right away, try the online storefront. | All Rights Reserved